Sunday, July 10, 2011

Going Home in 9 days!

Wow. Going "home" in 9 days. As much as I love the USA, the people, the feeling of being free, there is no better feeling greater than the feeling that I will be returning to the ONLY Jewish state in the world. I will be walking on the lands that my grandparents, and my grandparents' grandparents would have dreamed to walk. I will be walking on the same ground that the forefathers walked, and the grounds that were given to the Jewish people to form a state. I will be going home where every Jew should go visit. In all honesty, in Israel I feel much safer walking around in the dead of night then I would in Philly. The air. The wind. The sea. Everything is just insanely gorgeous!
I believe this picture I took about 3 years ago? It is overlooking the Kinneret aka Sea of Galilee. How can one deny the beauty of this country? The holiness of this country. The preciousness of this country? And the whole world wants us to give it up to a whole bunch of fanatics who would more then likely destroy the beauty!?!?!
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